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 Zurok Mia Takamatzu (Complete)

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Character Description
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Zurok Mia Takamatzu (Complete) Empty
PostSubject: Zurok Mia Takamatzu (Complete)   Zurok Mia Takamatzu (Complete) EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 6:06 am

Zurok Mia Takamatzu (Complete) Zmt

Full Name: Zurok Mia Takamatzu
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Element: Water
Birthplace: City of Arviat, Southern Water Tribe
Healer, Shaman, Ritualist, Artist

Spouse: Sotega Eszes Tallarico
1. Zulera (Daughter, 30)
2. Nefaho (Son, 28)
3. Royota (Son, 26)
4. Emryk (Son, 25)
5. Saza (Son, 22)
6. Faren (Son, 21)
7. Akhet (Son, 19)

Waterbending: Master Level
Martial Arts/Self-Defense: Master Level
Bloodbending: Master Level
Artistry: Expert Level
Healing: Expert Level
Ritualism: Master Level

Personality: (654)
Zurok's personality is one enshrouded by mystery that no one seems to quite get. She is wickedly amiable, dangerously friendly, and ruthlessly competent. She is secretive about most of her work, but is fairly amiable to the point where she is easy to talk to by both friend and foe alike. Respected by her friends and feared by her enemies, Zurok is a potent force and is mercilessly charismatic.
Those who meet her become quickly aware where Zulera's behavior might have come from should they discover that the two are related. Zurok is rather secretive about that as well though.
A world traveller and a noble, Zurok is always seen dressed in her best. Zurok is a classy woman who enjoys the finer things in life, like a fine wine, or even a fine tea. An expert at strategy games like Pai Sho as well, Zurok enjoyed an afternoon of board games over a nice drink with those able to call her a friend.
Zurok also enjoyed sketching and drawing, and she was incredibly talented--even moreso than her daughter Zulera. She enjoys sketching people and places,simply because she can.
Incidentally, Zurok is very family-oriented as well, despite some of the secrecy she has in some of her relationships. She cares deeply for her children, and supposedly even for her husband, although her husband is seldom seen anymore. The mystery behind that is one of Zurok's more closely-guarded secrets.
More than anything, Zurok craves and values knowledge. She goes to great lengths to obtain it, and is dilligent in caring for it. Some might say that this is Zurok's entire drive, and that all of her grand and secretive schemes all lead back to Zurok's quest for knowledge.
Zurok's personality is ultimately a mixture between intellect, cunning, culture, and amiability. She appreciates the finer things in life, as well as the simple things. There are few things in the world that Zurok enjoys more than being outdoors surrounded by plants and flowers. She appreciates them for their beauty the same way she appreciates the beauty of people for it. Not wanting to be a hypocrite about it is part of the reason Zurok dresses so finely, but the primary reason is that she simply enjoys dressing sharp and smelling pretty.
Zurok holds a distinct passion for politics, and the manipulative nature that such people and positions tend to possess. Such manipulation is the reason she always has her hands in them, even if she does not hold an official government position. Her alleged neutrality and friendly demeanor, combined with her sharp wit and cunning intelligence have helped her get in good graces with the rulers of the world, particularly Zerviah of the Northern Water Tribe, which has aided her greatly.
Despite her fearless, (perhaps overly) ambitious means-to-an-end personality combined with little remorse for any cultural or religious taboos she breaks, Zurok is actually very friendly. She is also very dangerous, as she is cunning and ruthless, and does not hesitate to manipulate people if it furthers her goals. She does not take such things personally, simply considering it business. She has even done this with her own children. However, even with that considered, she did sincerely love them, and never would manipulate them in a way that would be detrimental to their well-being.
Zurok also has an affinity for the bending arts, and is familiar with bloodbending, which she occasionally uses in a monthly ritual--or so the story goes. She is a powerful master, and being a knowledge-seeker, it only made sense that she would try to learn everything there was to learn.
Unbeknownst to most, Zurok is also an obsessive control freak who gets very nervous and even frightened when she loses control of a situation. Such a scenario is extremely rare given the levels of backup plans she usually concocts, but it has happened before, though an extremely rare few have ever seen it.

Abilities: (386)
Zurok is a master of nearly all things water-related. While her limitations come mostly from not being the Avatar, Zurok has proven to be a fully capable master of her trade. Anything from steam to ice to plants to healing and even bloodbending, she has spent years of her life dedicated to learning and mastering these arts. While she knows many powerful combat moves, however, she generally does not fight, preferring instead to use some of her other talents on those who would dare oppose her.
Charisma is another of Zurok's strong suits. Her soothing, gentle voice as well as her elaborately fabricated wordplay make her a cunning and dangerous opponent with words alone. Such has gained her something of a political influence, although this is most often behind the scenes with various government leaders and other powerful people, including Sanaki of the noble Zelgius Family from the Fire Nation, Queen Meili of the Earth Kingdom, and even Xilingshi of the Tekina-Kaze. her reaches in the Water Tribes are even greater than that.
As something of a perfectionist and a control freak, Zurok is also a very cunning and intelligent woman who works hard to make sure her plans go off without a hitch. As elaborate as they are, however, it is not that ability that makess her dangerous--it is her ability to think things up on the fly. If a plan fails, she is not necessarily out--she comes up with something quicker. It will obviously not be as elaborate as her original plan--at first anyways--but it has kept her ahead of the game for years now.
Similar to her daughter, Zurok is one who enjoys keeping people guessing. she is secretive and mysterious, and often elusive when she wishes to be. A cunning strategist, she knows when to strike and when to retreat, so to speak.This is how she plays politics, how she fights, and how she converses.
Despite her myriad of abilities, Zurok is not one to boast of them either. She simply accepts that she has them and uses them to her advantage, always willing to increase her skills. She is fond of simple things and of riddles, and many say that she straight-up talks in riddles... which in turn usually jsut has her grinning as she walks away...

Appearance: (310)
Height: 5'2"/157cm
Weight: 116lbs/52.5 kg
Eyes: Electric Blue
Hair: Brown, usually in a ponytail
Skin: Brown

Zurok is a lithe and petite waterbender, standing at a rather unimposing height of about 5'2". she has a slight muscle tone, but not near what some of her children do. She does however, have the same radiant blue eyes that they all have, which is one of the easy ways to distinguish someone of the Tallarico Clan. her dark brown hair is usually kept in a ponytail, although the few times when it isn't, it drops to her mid-back.
Zurok has held up surprisingly well for her age, looking much younger. She stays in shape through practicing her bending, and perhaps also because of some waterbending tricks. She is the type who almost never gets sick, and if she does, she surely has some herbal remedy of some kind that she is aware of, being the type that feels she has to know everything, anyhoo.
Zurok is always dressed in her finest, which includes dresses or gowns that cover most of her body, or sometimes even full-on suits. While occasionally she might show some leg, she does seem to almost always wear long sleeves. Similarly, she is always well-groomed for the occasion, no matter what it is. Zurok always believed in looking her best, and was considered the best-dressed little girl you'd ever meet when she was younger. She is also always seen wearing a pair of large, golden hoop earrings that are also seen being worn by Akhet, Zulera, and the rest of Zurok’s children.
Peculiarly, Zurok also appears to almost always be smiling. Whether it is some form of actual paralysis  or just her expres​sion(the latter obviously seems much more likely) is not quite positive. However, it does add to the fact that she has supposedly never been seen getting angry. Her calm demeanor just gets eerier when she has been wronged.
Like most of her family, Zurok was rather attractive in her youth, although she is still not too shabby-looking today either, since she takes very good care of herself and her body.

History: (783)
Zurok was the eldest child of Munazakro Nozomu Takamatzu and Kunazera Norika Takamatzu, born in a small village in the Southern Water Tribe. She entered the realm of mortality on the 16th of the 1st month, 51 years before the present time. While it has been confirmed that she has numerous siblings, only two of them are known by name, being Ayumi and Lelani, both of whom are younger than her.
Zurok lived a quiet life at the Takamatzu Estate, where despite some eccentricities such as playing with dangerous magic or cackling manically, she had a normal childhood. She was a brilliant-minded girl who enjoyed nothing more than gaining knowledge and skill. If she was not studying something, she was practicing something, usually involving chi or the elements. She was a very keen child, well-aware of many of the world's workings from this tender, early age. She was always fueled by her ambition of knowing that there was always more out there for her to learn, and she was eager to search out this knowledge and gain it for herself. The fact that she was a bender at all greatly bolstered her confidence and desire to attain this knowledge and hone these skills.
Unsurprisingly, she was a brilliant student who excelled in her academic classwork and was a vicious overachiever in everything she did. Because of the way she allocated her time, and how much she worked her own mind, she was quickly considered to be a slightly unstable child, despite her intellect and even her adequate social skills. However, Zurok was utterly unfazed by these labels, and continued to do what she enjoyed. She took no pleasure in gloating about her knowledge, nor did she ever try to outperform anyone, be they older or younger than her. The only competition she had was against herself, and against the world as a repository of knowledge. This has been her most obvious driving ambition for her entire life.
Zurok holds a passion for politics and manipulating the grand scheme of things, which, while seemingly harmless, has still led people to believe that Zurok has some form of grand design up her sleeves. However, there is currently no solid evidence to support any of these claims, and so Zurok’s story goes on the way it always has.
Most of Zurok’s past is shrouded in mystery, although it is clear that she dedicated ample amounts of time to learning the art of waterbending, and all arts connected to it. Zurok learned bloodbending after extensive study, and while this made her reputation even shadier, all that she has been confirmed using it on is some vermin that infested her cellar a few times, and the occasional wild animal. Thus, having not ever attacked a person with it (at least as far as evidence goes) there is nothing to really pin against her, nor any crime to accuse her of.
Sometime during her young adulthood, Zurok fell in love and got married, although the man behind her 7 children has not been seen very often. It is unknown if he is still alive or not. But regardless of his fate, the rest of Zurok’s family is alive and well. Most of them are already off and married with kids.
Of particular interest was that Zurok’s eldest child (and only daughter) was born as the next incarnation of the Avatar. While most parents might have boasted or bragged about it, Zurok was very discreet, and this in turn taught Zulera to enjoy keeping people guessing about whom she was and her identity. Although long gone are the days of no one knowing who the Avatar was, a few people do not recognize Zulera as the Avatar when they see her.
Nowadays, Zurok runs an apothecary and a tattoo parlor, and is famous for her high-quality inkings, which her children have advertised for her. None of them received them against their will, but all of them have tattoos on their bodies that were given to them by Zurok herself, and her talent shows. This talent also extends to things like sketching and painting, both of which Zurok is very talented at. A lot of people find it hard to think that this might be the very same woman who has gone off and played politics in distant lands, but whatever the case, Zurok continues to live quietly and happily on her own, occasionally paying visits to the other nations or her children. She is well-off, and so money is hardly an issue. Her life is hers to do what she will with, and what she decides on is for her to know… and the world to keep on guessing about.

**Required of ALL Master Tier Characters** (845. excerpt from my novel The Crusade of Zulera)

Character Box:

Zurok Mia Takamatzu

Zurok made her way up to Koldia with little trouble, her flight remaining swift and timely. However, on her way through the Akutan Province to Capital Terranea, she made a brief stop in the city of Shimla to catch up with Zulera about a few personal matters. Her foresight was swift to lead her to her target, and she found Zulera near the eastern outskirts of the city.
“Zurok,” She exclaimed, “I honestly did not expect to see you so soon and here of all places!” she seemed much more surprised than Zurok had expected her to be.

“Don’t worry, child,” she smiled, “Momma Takamatzu knows what she is doing.”
“But do you know what I am doing, mother?”
“You’re my daughter,” Zurok chuckled, ruffling Zulera’s hair, “and even if no one else is aware of that relationship, I am, and I always know what you are doing.”

“Do you wish to see the progress then?” Zulera asked, her red eyes lightning up with excitement. “I have come a great way since our last meeting.”
“Aye,” Zurok smiled. “Show me this monument you have built in California’s honor.”
Zulera grinned excitedly. “Come with me, then.” She swiped one of her bare feet at Zurok’s ankles, and scooped the older woman into her arms with ease.
“You do realize that you are carrying your own mother like a baby, do you not?” She quipped,
“Of course, mother dear,” Zulera giggled, “and as long as I’m bigger than you, I’m going to continue doing so. Your size makes it a matter of convenience.”
“Some Serenghe specialize in physical prowess, while others focus on mental health or spiritual well-being. Congratulate yourself on that strength, dear. You have that on me.”

“That’s really all it is, Zurok,” Zulera smiled as she carried Zurok to a forest thick with tall trees. “I’m strong and you’re easy to carry.”
“It’s a matter of dignity, dear. I have two working legs just as you do, and would not mind using them even if it is to see your little secret campaign.”
“You don’t get any dignity around me, mother. I’m here to embarrass you.”
“Now that’s crossing the line, young lady. Don’t push your luck.”
“Fine,” Zulera fake pouted, “but no dignity for you, mother.”

Zurok groaned in defeat for theatric effect. “If you must, then I suppose I am at the mercy of your strength. You seem excited though.”
“Of course I am,” Zulera grinned, “it’s just around this corner.”
Upon rounding the bend, Zulera let Zurok fall almost into a standing position. She wrapped one arm around her waist and used her other to cover Zurok’s eyes. She purposely kept her mother’s feet dangling no more than two inches from the ground, and this seemed to agitate Zurok slightly. Given that Zulera was not greatly taller than Zurok, this took effort for her as well.
“Zulera, if you do not put me on my feet right now, I promise you that you will regret it.”

Zulera responded by removing her hand from Zurok’s eyes, and for a moment she forgot that Zulera’s arms were around her waist, dangling her teasingly on the ground. She looked up in amazement at what stood before her.
A towering monument built in the likeness of California stood in front of them. It stood several times their height, and was on a wheeled cart, which appeared to be for mobility. While the statue’s eyes, hair, and wings were blue, orange, and white respectively, it was decked out in California’s red Krippzé warrior gear. The statue’s bare feet seemed attached to the cart, so there was no chance that it would fall off. California’s face was set into a stern, glazed expression that made the figure look even more imposing.
“Zulera, this… this is amazing. What is it for, and what does it do?”
“It’s mostly empty inside,” She explained, “The cart, her feet, and the bottom parts of her legs are filled so that it doesn’t tip. The rest is mostly hollow, and can be powered by forming.”

“Can you put me on my feet now, child? Now you are just being excessive.”
Zulera laughed and shook her head. “Mother, you look far too funny trying to put your feet on solid ground for me to want to put you down.”
“Then I’m going to give you an offer you can’t refuse.” She countered without skipping a beat, and lifted one of her legs, bringing the heel of her shoe crashing down on Zulera’s bare foot. Zulera yelped in pain (though mostly surprise), and her arms released Zurok, causing the two of them to fall into a heap on the ground.

“Now you’ve done it, young lady.” Zurok laughed, ruffling Zulera’s hair. Zulera sat up next to Zurok and smiled, putting her arms around her mother.
“So what do you think,” she pointed back at the large monument.
“It’s awe-inspiring,” Zurok insisted, straightening her dress, “although there are a few things about it and you that I would like to discuss if you don’t mind.”

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Condition: Perfect

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Looks good. Just don't use that bloodbending outrageously. (Like you would anyway Razz)

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Zurok Mia Takamatzu (Complete)
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