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 Hunting for Whaletail

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PostSubject: Hunting for Whaletail   Hunting for Whaletail EmptyMon Jul 13, 2015 5:08 pm

Character Box:


The soldiers stationed at Whaletail were on edge from the cries they heard across the sea towards an island. None missed their posts that night, and none nodded off to sleep. They all kept their ears alert and their eyes sharp. But the night went through like nothing was wrong. The following day was the same. Everyone alert, but starting to wonder if the cries was something else, and not men. by the second day, they had all but forgotten about it. Nothing had happened in two days. Supplies had just arrived by boat, so they were off rations and could eat right again. They could stop being so alert and attentive now.

The man on top of the watch tower was gazing off at sea, his head resting on his hand which rested on his knee. Footsteps came up the ladder, and a bowl of hot soup appeared in front of him. He took it graciously and starting eating it as his friend who delivered the hot lunch to him left. A few minutes later, with his belly full and him slouching in his chair, the world felt so peaceful. Very... peaceful.... He fell off his chair onto the floor, out cold.


Sabastion patted his friend on the back. He had done a good job. Slipped in, took out the cook, dressed up as him, and poisoned the whole lunch for everyone with something that took a while to kick in.. They weren't going to be moving for quite some time. A long time. What dead thing moved?

The whole settlement was quiet, except for the crew men who were scouring the tents and buildings for anything valuable. There was a few loud noises from men who had not died so quickly or had even eaten yet, but they were taken care of quickly with a swing of an axe. Soon enough, they had the Island's boats and their own loaded to the brim with precious cargo to sell and the money from all the pockets and storerooms. This was how they did things. No fuss, no commotion, nobody getting away with word of what happened amongst the chaos. They could still all hold their own in a fight, more than that. But this was so much simpler.

And just like that, they were gone. Whaletail Island now a ghost town, with the buried bodies all in a long line on the beach.

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Hunting for Whaletail
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