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 How Could I Be So Sloppy [open]

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How Could I Be So Sloppy [open] Empty
PostSubject: How Could I Be So Sloppy [open]   How Could I Be So Sloppy [open] EmptyWed Jan 06, 2016 2:00 am

Loki prided herself on being a master thief.  Beautiful tapestries, priceless art, ancient artifacts, gallons of jewelry, scrolls, tomes, clothes, anything that had a chance of value had been stolen by Loki.  She did it as a job, but when she was especially well off from her thievery, it was sometimes simply a hobby.  Looming over the jewelry box of an Earth Kingdom diplomat, Loki looked around the room to make sure nothing was amiss.  And nothing was.  The lockpick went into the tiny, childish, and practically useless keyhole on the opulent container, and it did its job after a shake, a twist, and a flick.  Loki looked at her hand as it reached forward for the riches within.  Interestingly, all five of her fingers harbored more stolen rings than she was about to rob.  They shimmered in the moonlight that barely shone between the red curtains of the female diplomat Loki was "borrowing" from.  Loki had actually seen this woman at a few public events.  She was a plump woman, prone to over-the-top dresses and big hairdos.  Loki actually admired her bubbly personality, the woman seemed to be comfortable with everyone around her, and she had a very interesting laugh that usually ended up being funnier than the actual joke.

How Could I Be So Sloppy [open] Ither_zpsoatiils4

Loki shook her head and continued with the plan.  She grabbed one of the prettiest blue pearls she'd ever seen, a garnet-embedded gold bracelet with Earth Kingdom mythos carved into it, and two jade earrings shaped into lifelike coral.  This was for pleasure, not business, and she felt no need to grab any of the other objects as they were similar to many pieces she'd seen before.

She turned around, lazily, without looking where she was going even, when the wind was knocked out of her completely.  The Earth Kingdom diplomat stood before her.  Through tears in her eyes Loki saw the woman was in a pink silken night gown, hair down completely reaching the small of her back in wavy tresses.  Her features were alert and full of rage.  The woman went for another jab, this time to the face.  Loki was barely prepared after the initial blow had set her reeling, but she managed to get out of the way.  She dropped the fine jewelry she'd grabbed, and her dagger slid out of its sheath as Loki dealt the killing slice.  The woman made a horrible face as she grabbed her stomach, barely making a sound as the pain set in.  That didn't last for long however, and the woman began to scream horribly.  Loki, wide-eyed, ran out of the room, but she left behind something she'd never left on any other thieving escapade.  Loki's sailcloth, that she'd used in front of a variety of people had slipped off of her waist during the altercation.  It was her method of travel, and her only way to fly around.  She'd need to come back for it, and return to the scene of the crime.  A horrible realization she wouldn't have until the next morning.

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How Could I Be So Sloppy [open]
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