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 Kairi Inoue

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Character Description
Age: 16
Position: Citizen (Lower Ring)
Nation: Earth Kingdom

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Full Name: Kairi Inoue
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Element: Water
Birthplace: Ba Sing Se
Position: Civilian (lower ring of Ba Sing Se)
Waterbending (Intermediate)
Healing (Intermediate)

Personality: (267 words) Even though Kairi is a waterbender, in many aspects her attitude and personality are similar to that of an airbender. She's kind, timid, intuitive and peace-loving, always avoiding any type of confrontation or discussion. It's very difficult to actually make her angry, her anger is usually quickly replaced by sadness. She never wants to hurt anyone and is against violence, but unfortunately there's a lot of that around her.

She's filled with grief after the loss of her father, but there's no hatred inside of her. It's just not a part of her and her philosophy. She really wants to look on the bright side of life, but that's often a difficult task. During the day, living in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se, there isn't much for her to be happy about. But at night, when the moon and stars are visible in the sky, her thoughts become more organized, and those are the moments when she feels the most at peace. Kairi prefers heights, she sleeps on a different rooftop every night rather than on the ground.

She's very curious and studious, despite the fact that she doesn't get to explore those personality traits often. She never got proper education, though her father did teach her how to read and write. She's especially interested in the history and philosophies of the four nations, and airbending and waterbending forms.

Kairi doesn't really have a spiritual connection, but she does enjoy meditating to relax and to pass the time. She doesn't mind not having many belongings, but she is certainly struggling to survive alone on the streets.

Abilities: (199 words) Kairi's waterbending is intermediate, and she's better at defensive moves rather than offensive. She doesn't use it much outside of practice, except for when there's no other way to escape a fight. She focuses more on healing instead, especially since a year or so. She's a natural, but never had anyone to teach her the more advanced methods and techniques. She can heal basic burns and wounds, but her skills are no good when it comes to fatal injuries. Besides, she can't get herself to ask for a payment. Most of the people who go to her to get healed, are very poor as well. Sometimes they offer her food or water though, which she always gratefully accepts.

She doesn't have a permanent job, she tries to make a living by doing a lot of temporary ones, ranging from sweeping in a restaurant to selling fruit on the streets. More often than desirable, those jobs end up being dangerous, or borderline illegal. She's a pretty good judge of character, but sometimes she just doesn't know how else to get money, or is tricked into doing a gang's dirty job.

She's a fast climber and is very agile and flexible.

Height: 5'4
Weight: 95 pounds
Eyes: turquoise (mixture of green and blue)
Hair: brown
Skin: beige

(220 words) Kairi's origins are clearly visible by her appearance. She has the brown, fairly long hair of her father from the Southern Water Tribe, which she wears in a high, messy ponytail to keep (most of) it out of her eyes. There are always some shorter hairs popping out. Her skin is olive/beige, an average skin color for a civilian in Ba Sing Se, which comes from her mothers side. Her eyes are a bright mixture of  green and blue, and are almond-shaped. Her nose is average sized and a bit rounder than most. Her eyebrows, which are exactly the same shade of brown as her hair, are thin but rounded.

It's pretty obvious that she doesn't have the easiest life. She's too skinny and her ribs are often visible. She definitely doesn't look strong or muscled, and her posture doesn't help much. She looks quite insecure and tries not to stand out in the crowd. She's not very tall and not very short, around average height.

Kairi always basically wears the same outfit; A green rubber band in her hair, a green shirt with ragged sleeves to her elbows, and turquoise tight sleeves on her underarms. She has a dark blue belt holding up a light blue skirt with some white and turquoise, and under that a pair of dark blue leggings. She doesn't have any shoes, so she's always barefoot.

Kairi Inoue Vzhs0i

History: (339 words) Kairi's father, Qannik, was born in the Souther Water Tribe, and was a water bender. He wasn't content there, however, and decided to travel the world instead, driven by his curious and adventurous personality. He traveled for years, and eventually decided to visit Ba Sing Se, the legendary city in the Earth Kingdom. But when he finally arrived there, it wasn't exactly all he'd dreamed of. He could only get into the lower ring. The upside was, that's where he met his future wife. Her name was Ekta, a nonbender born and raised on the streets.

Qannik and Ekta were happy together, despite not having much besides a small apartment. Shortly after their marriage, their daughter was born. But Ekta didn't survive the birth. Qannik was overcome with grief after the sudden loss, but he never blamed Kairi for it. He took good care of her, and was a good father, even though the circumstances were harsh. He worked hard during the day, while Kairi had to stay inside. In the evenings they'd train waterbending. When she was 10 years old, she discovered her healing ability. Qannik wasn't a healer, but he had seen some of the techniques the women at the Southern Water Tribe used, and helped her as much as possible to develop that skill.

When Kairi was 15, a fight broke out on the streets. That in itself was nothing out of the ordinary, but this fight caused several deaths of people who were just passing by. One of them being her father. It was already too late when she arrived at the scene, there was nothing she could do. She was truly alone now. A couple of weeks later, an earthbender came into her apartment, he knew there were no adults living there. Kairi tried to defend the house and get him out, but she lost the fight due to a lack of enough water and insufficient fighting skills.

She is currently an orphan, living on the streets, with seemingly not much of a future.

Sample RP & Character Box:

Kairi Inoue

Kairi sighed, staring at the apple in her hand, which honestly didn't look very edible. But it's all she could get today, she hadn't earned any money. Absolutely nothing. Even though she'd worked so hard, she'd been busy healing people the entire day. There had been an accident at the blacksmith, leaving several of his employees with rashes and burns. They looked like they must hurt a lot, but she'd been able to ease the pain and fasten the healing process. She had only used water to achieve that result, as she didn't have any medical supplies. Then again, neither did most people in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se. In fact, most hadn't looked like they had anything to pay with. Frankly, she hadn't dared to ask for anything in return for her help. They were in pain already and probably unable to work for a while. Who was she to ask them for something as precious as food or money?

She took a bite out of the apple, which didn't taste quite as terrible as expected. It didn't taste like anything, really. Which was always better than rotten apple. She ate in silence, her thoughts drifting away slowly in the relative quiet of the night. It never really was quiet in the city of walls and secrets, though. When she finished the pathetic meal, she lay down on her back, looking up at the dark blue sky, which was filled with stars. From the rooftop, she could see the bright moon clearly. She took a deep breath, enjoying the chilly breeze, before closing her turquoise eyes and curling up into a ball. She was too tired to train or meditate tonight. All she wanted to do was sleep.

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lovely character. Also, I'm digging the artwork. Kudos.

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Kairi Inoue
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