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PostSubject: Kaiza   Kaiza EmptyWed Jul 01, 2015 12:10 am

Full Name: Kaiza Gokuo
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Element: Fire
Birthplace: Ba Sing Se
Position: Fire Nation Ambassador
Training: Hand-to-Hand [Expert]; Chi-Blocking [Expert]; Firebending [Expert]; Lightning [Expert]

Personality: (266/210)
Kaiza has a resolute and strong personality. His time in the Earth Kingdom has made him mentally sturdy. The people of the Earth Kingdom are proud and secure, and he has displayed those feelings of character his entire life.
Until his return to the Fire Nation, Kaiza’s life was marked with struggle and worry. This part of his history has resulted in a powerful sense of self for Kaiza as well as durable emotional state. He has learned to endure tough situations and has become resilient, both mentally and physically.
Generosity is among the best of Kaiza’s traits. He has felt the pain of financial struggle and the enlightening feeling of success. As a compassionate individual, Kaiza has taught himself to be generous, often giving to those less fortunate than himself. When out on the street or in the city, Kaiza is quick to donate money to charitable causes. He is especially generous to starving people and children. On many occasions he has been known to give clothes and food to those living in poverty. There are even a few accounts of him buying new clothing and carts of food for entire districts and villages. It saddens Kaiza to see people worry, and he will try to comfort those in need whenever he can.
Regarding politics, Kaiza is hardly wavering in his beliefs. At times, this can make him seem close-minded and stubborn, but he can be reasoned with on rare occasions. This has been one of his biggest challenges, as his career in diplomacy relies on him being able to reach compromises with other nations.

Abilities: (312/210)
Raised in poverty in the lesser districts of Ba Sing Se, Kaiza was unable to locate proper bending masters. The closest he could find was a master martial artist named Min Foo. As Min Foo was a nonbender, Kaiza was trained to utilize martial arts without firebending. Originally trained in a style resembling earthbending, he has since developed more of a firebending style due to his time spent among his native people.

Kaiza has acknowledged the advantages of bending and as such, recognizes the downsides of nonbending. In order to maintain competence against benders, he has trained himself in the art of chi-blocking, to give himself the upper hand against benders. With close range, Kaiza can quickly strike an opponent’s pressure points, rendering them incapacitated.

While Kaiza prefers to fight battles without bending, his ability to firebend has not been hindered as he has spent adequate time training in the art. His theory is that if one can compete with other benders without having to use their own bending powers, than they could increase their strength tenfold when they do use bending. Kaiza’s fire is very hot, appearing vibrant red in color. His flames are small and precise, bending in direct lines of fire rather than in broad, cone-shaped blasts. Kaiza has been able to simulate temporary flight by using his firebending as rocket-propulsion.

After a life of darkness, struggle, and redemption, Kaiza has been able to come to terms with his inner turmoil, allowing him to separate energies and generate lightning. Because Kaiza’s firebending style uses thin, direct shots of fire, usage of lightning bolts comes easily to him as it resembles his regular firebending abilities. He has also learned the technique of lightning redirection and further practiced this technique by learning waterbending techniques and martial arts. He has yet to use the skill of lightning redirection.

Appearance: (244/210)
Height: 6’
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Medium Brown
Hair: Light Blonde
Skin: Lightly Tan

Kaiza stands around the average height for a male and displays a thin, yet lean build. While his face is far from bloated or chubby, he has smooth facial features. His eyes somewhat resemble the eyes of a snake; they are narrow and pointed at the edges. He has bright, medium brown irises. His arched eyebrows are slightly lowered, suggesting a sense of annoyance or boredom. His razor-cut hair generally reaches to his lower neck or his shoulders and is light blonde in color, resembling straw. It is straight and pointed, and rough in texture. His hair is accompanied by a pointed, golden goatee. Kaiza has the light-skin of the Fire Nation, although one could definitely see the slightly darker tone in his skin compared to that of an average Fire Nation citizen.
Although Kaiza owns a few sets of traditional Fire Nation military gear, he is rarely seen in it. On a regular day, he can be seen wearing casual vests and pants, along with nice sandals. This clothing is often white and red, but can often be black with yellow or gold lining. During official meetings and deployments, Kaiza wears a set of Fire Nation regalia, which he has had altered to meet contemporary style. It is suit of white, with gold edging and designs, underneath a grand robe of traditional red and black. Kaiza bears a tattoo above his right eyebrow that shows the Chinese character for “Steadfast” in red ink.

History: (1058/520)
Kaiza’s mother, Karin was a Fire Nation woman from Fire Fountain City. Her family was fairly wealthy, owning multiple businesses and properties. She was not a martial artist and did not have firebending capabilities. Instead, she worked as a counselor to children who were troubled or came from dysfunctional families.
While the Hundred Year War was long past, there were many locations in the world still suffering from its effects. Seeing this as an opportunity to help people, Karin set out as a humanitarian to help restore damaged villages and rehabilitate those scarred from memories of the war. She left for the Earth Kingdom and began helping these ravaged lands. Eventually, her program funding came to an end and she gladly took a celebration vacation to Ba Sing Se, where she could visit the libraries and universities.
Her trip to Ba Sing Se was scheduled to last for two weeks. However, while in the great capital, she met a simple butcher named Gaohan. Gaohan used his charm to request Karin to stay longer than two-weeks. She agreed and, in doing so, lost her trip back to the Fire Nation. Over the next few months Karin and Gaohan fell in love and married. They lived humble lives, relying on Gaohan’s meat shop for income. Kaiza had little contact with her family, as postage was expensive and took a long time to arrive.
After two years, Karin gave birth to a son, who she named Kaiza. Shortly after Kaiza’s birth, his father passed away. Unable to run Gaohan’s meat shop alone, Karin was forced to search for another job. Due to her Fire Nation ancestry and lack of education, Karin could not secure a well-paying job. She had to take her son and move to a very poor district of Ba Sing Se, where she did small jobs such as cleaning public facilities and delivering postage.
When Kaiza was three, Karin discovered her son’s firebending capabilities. While encouraging him to practice in private, she had no choice but to ban him from firebending in public, as he could have harmed or scared someone. When Kaiza was nine, he would practice firebending wherever and whenever he wanted, disregarding his mother’s warnings. As a compromised, Kaiza agreed to stop firebending in public if his mother could find him a trainer. She agreed and found an old man named Min Foo. Min Foo gladly took Kaiza as a student, in exchange for Karin and Kaiza cleaning his house. Min Foo was not a bender himself, but his parents were both earthbenders. The old man trained Kaiza to fight without bending, utilizing a style similar to orthodox earthbending. Kaiza trained every day with Min Foo, eventually becoming an extremely potent martial artist and chi-blocker.
As Kaiza grew older, he began to notice the hurt his mother was feeling. She missed her husband, she missed her family, and she missed the Fire Nation. Every night he could hear her praying outside to be able to return to Fire Fountain City and spend the remainder of her days helping people, just as she did in the past. Karin’s dream eventually became Kaiza’s dream, and he vowed to return her to the Fire Nation.
One afternoon, when Kaiza was eighteen-years old, he was heading home from Min Foo’s house. He noticed a large crowd gathered along the streets and went to check it out. A well-known aristocrat named Son Yoru was traveling through Kaiza’s district, towards the center of Ba Sing Se. Kaiza’s curiousity got the best of him and he quietly followed Son Yoru’s carriage until they came to the edge of the district. It was there that a gang of thugs came out of the surrounding houses and attacked the aristocrat. The thugs killed Son Yoru’s guards and knocked the rich man to the ground. They mocked him and prepared to kill him, but Kaiza rushed in by the man’s side and swiftly defeated the thugs. Son Yoru was grateful to Kaiza, and in turn invited him to dinner at his estate.
While at dinner, Kaiza told Son Yoru about his past and his mother’s past. “What is your greatest wish?” Son Yoru asked Kaiza. Without hesitation, the young firebender responded “For my mother to be able to return to the Fire Nation, so she can be with her family.”
It was six months later, and Karin and Kaiza arrived at Fire Fountain City. They joined their family and lived in happiness and prosperity. With the passing of Min Foo, Kaiza inherited his old master’s belongings, among which was a firebending scroll. This scroll influenced Kaiza to find a firebending master, in order to learn the discipline of his heritage. With Kaiza’s skill in martial arts already advanced, he learned firebending rather easily. He learned to use the technique rather sparingly, as an accompaniment to his martial arts style. He learned to avoid and dodge attacks from other benders during duels, as he relied more on hand-to-hand rather than firebending. This evasive style along with his rare usage of bending has caused him to be described to be “like an airbender.” by others.
Due to his rare ability to compete with other firebenders without relying on firebending himself, he gained much fame among firebending masters. He was sent to the Fire Nation Capital to train under even greater masters. This allowed him to secure a job as a premier guard of the Royal Palace. Eventually, he moved up the ranks and was granted the honor of guarding the Firelord and his family. Kaiza’s new position allowed him and his family to amass an even greater wealth.
After guarding the Fire Nation royal family and high-ranking government officials, Kaiza decided to leave his status as a royal guard and instead became a student at a prestigious university. At the university, he studied political science for four consecutive years, and graduated with a perfect score. With the prestige gained from guarding the Firelord, Kaiza used his education to get a job as an Ambassador for the Fire Nation. Because of his history in Ba Sing Se, he chose to begin his diplomatic career with missions to the Earth Kingdom. After returning from his first few missions, he has since elected to be sent on trips to other states, such as the Air Temples or the Water Tribes.

Sample RP: (885/420)

This sample is a totally non-canon situation, where a Dai Li agent has been sent to assassinate Kaiza. This event never happened and was only created for the purpose of providing an example of my writing. [b]
As Kaiza gazed upon the Fire Nation capital, he embraced the view of fire. It was a common worldview to think of fire as death and destruction. Kaiza had an alternate perspective: a more beautiful one. To him, fire was life. It was the fuel which burned within us and granted us energy. Fire was passion and desire. It was determination.
He stood alone in the chamber, wearing a traditional black and red robe. His flaxen hair was put into a bun, with a royal clip displaying golden fire softly secured in the top of it. He broke the silence “If you’re going to sneak past my guards and trespass into my bedroom, the least you could do is identify yourself.”
Near the closed entrance of the room stood a tall woman with straight black hair extending from under her straw hat. She wore green garbs displaying the insignia of the Earth Kingdom. She spoke with a strong voice “I am your downfall.”
She fell paralyzed after a failed attempt at the Fire Nation ambassador’s life. After dodging her stone fists, he had made his way into range and proceeded to strike her pressure points. Kaiza then carried the woman to his tea table and sat her in a chair. He brewed a kettle of tea and he waited patiently for her to recover before taking a seat across from her.
He poured her a cup of ginseng tea. “I brew mine extra strong, I hope you like it.” She nodded before taking a sip. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“I am showing hospitality to an enemy.”
The earthbender removed her straw hat, setting it aside. This revealed her green eyes and soft complexion. “Why?”
“Because, if you examine history, you will find that battles are won not with retaliation, but with kindness. We are taught this by Avatar Aang, who spared the life of Firelord Ozai even after all he had done.” Kaiza had told her.
The woman took another sip of tea. Kaiza poured himself another cup. “You already know who I am. You tried to assassinate me, after all. But I have yet to find out who you are.”
She responded briefly. “I am a Dai Li agent.”
“I did not ask for your occupation, I figured that out from your outfit, as well as your actions. What I asked for was your identity.”
“My identity is the Dai Li.”
He sighed and poured more tea into her cup. He got up for a moment and returned to the table with a small bowl of sugar. “Some people like their tea sweetened. It is there if you want it.” They sat in silence for a few moments, sipping on cups of ginseng tea. “What is life if you do not live?” Kaiza asked her. She did not respond, so he spoke for her. “It is darkness. As humans, it is in our nature to yearn for a meaning. We want nothing more than fulfillment. Tell me, Dai Li agent, what is it that you yearn for?”
She looked down in thought. “My name is Mei Su.”
“Your name is Mei Su, a powerful and accomplished earthbender. Do you have children?”
“I do.”
“But do your children have a mother?” Kaiza asked her before getting up from the table. He walked back to the window to continue gazing at the city. Mei Su walked behind him, wondering how her children felt as she stood in the Fire Nation capital, hired to assassinate a bureaucratic ambassador. She began to speak but was quickly cut off by the firebender’s voice. “There are some people you meet who come into your life as obstacles. But there are some who come into your life as blessings. Everything happens for a reason, Mei Su.”
“Thank you for the tea.” she told him.
“It has been my pleasure to share a drink with a Dai Li assassin. I’m sorry that you will have to report failure to your commander. Perhaps you will be fired and, as a benefit, be able to spend more time with your children.”
“I won’t be reporting a failure.”
This time, Mei Su was ready. When Kaiza had dashed into position to strike her, she had already leaped to the back of the room. “I still have to assassinate you, Kaiza Gokuo.” she said as she released a gauntlet of rock from her arm. The stone sped towards Kaiza, who sidestepped out of the way. The stone flew out of the window.
“I’d rather not damage anything in my room. If we are going to fight, can we go outside?”
“It would be to my advantage to have the earth beneath my feet. Yes, let us take this outdoors.”
Outside, Mei Su launched her remaining stone fist at Kaiza. He ducked beneath it and looked up to see that Mei Su had launched a large boulder at him. He leaped up, dodging the massive rock. Turning around, Kaiza saw the large boulder returning. He leaped up once more, but this time landing atop the rock. Using the momentum of the boulder, Kaiza jumped and propelled himself towards Mei Su, where he promptly delivered a series of strikes to her body. She fell limp. He knelt down to her ear and spoke softly “I am a servant of grace and mercy, but I have my limits, Mei Su. If you return, your children will surely be motherless. If you show up at my estate and come near me and my family again, I will kill you.” Kaiza then ordered his guards to carry her out of his estate.

[b]Character Box
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Looks good to me.


I'll have somebody add you into the Expert Firebender group later today.
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and done. Hope you enjoy your stay on NC. Smile

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