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PostSubject: Tulkas   Tulkas EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 6:13 am

Full Name:  Tulkas
Gender:  Male
Age:  49
Element:  Air
Birthplace:  Southern Air Temple
Position:  Leader of the Air Nomads
Airbending:  Master Level
Flight:  Master Level
Hand to Hand:  Legendary Level

Personality: (310)
Tulkas is a very down to earth guy.  He is an eternal optimist and makes light of even the darkest circumstances.  He is always quick with a joke and his loud, hearty laugh is quite contagious.  He has been known to make even the most serious of people crack a smile.  He absolutely loves to fight and participate in contests of strength, and he enjoys it no matter the power of the foe he faces.  He is absolutely fearless, almost to the degree that his friends often think him mad.  He lives in the present and doesn’t worry about the future, and so he tackles problems head on, without concern for risk or personal safety.  

Tulkas never plans ahead, always taking things as the come and dealing with the consequences as they appear.  He has little time for dealing with people’s petty problems or giving advice or counsel, but he has a good heart and is loyal to a fault to those he calls friends.  He is very slow to anger, and is usually level headed and cheery, no matter the circumstance.  

Tulkas gets bored very easily, and craves excitement.  He is impatient and restless in times of peace and if he can’t find any trouble, he usually goes out looking for some.  Tulkas has no earthly tether tying his spirit down, and so can sometimes come across as insensitive or untactful.  He hates sob stories and usually tells people in mourning to, “get over it already.”  He also hates when people bother him for advice or counsel, he usually replies to them with, “go bother Tarek!”

Tulkas has a strong dislike for weapons; he only uses his hands and bending in combat.  He also hates cheats and liars and anyone who exploits others for personal gain.  He believes them to be honourless curs and usually deals with them swiftly.

Abilities: (365)
Tulkas’ abilities are very unorthodox for an airbender.  Being raised by the White Lotus meant he had no connection whatsoever to the Air Temples.  He did not their ways, or their techniques, instead he was trained in the ways of the White Lotus Airbenders of old.  
Airbending: Where most airbenders use an evasion based style, Tulkas charges in and attacks head on.  Although he has completely mastered airbending, he hardly uses it.  He hates attacking and range and so he uses his airbending mostly to speed up his reflexes and movement speed.    Essentially when he fights, he creates a region of low air pressure around himself to speed up his movements.  He can also create high pressure areas around his enemies, slowing them down effectively.  When these pressure regions meet they create spiralling pockets of air that whirls around the fighters.  Tulkas can use these to set his opponent off balance.  He also invented a technique for close range airbending.  Essentially, he pressurizes and compresses air in front of his fist as he throws a punch.  Once it impacts, he releases it all creating powerful shockwaves.  He can use these to bash through rocks, dissipate fire or water attacks and also to deal massively damaging punches.

Flight:  Tulkas is the only airbender alive to have mastered the rarest airbending technique ever…Unaided flight.  Without his nation, or his parents, Tulkas had no connections to the world from a very young age.  His White Lotus masters were simply trainers to him and he felt to special connection to them at all.  He cares not for money, or possessions or even love.  This fact, as well as secret White Lotus knowledge and training, enabled Tulkas to fly unaided and at unbelievable speeds.

Hand-to –hand:  Tulkas is single minded when it comes to his first love, fighting.  Whether it be contests of strength, brawls or wrestling, he doesn’t care, he revels in it.  Widely considered the greatest bare-handed fighter in the world, Tulkas will take on anyone.  Armed, unarmed, bender, non-bender, master or beginner, doesn’t matter, he’d fight them all.  His strength, speed and precision are legendary, and tales of his feats and deeds are echoed throughout the world.

Height: 7’0
Weight:  Ripped like a Greek God
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Light Blonde
Skin: Light

Tulkas Beowul10

(262)  Tulkas is one mountain of a man.  He towers at least a head over most people and is in peak physical shape.  His body is perfection incarnate, and his figure showcases his physically prowess very effectively.  His unrelenting training from some of the greatest masters in the world left him very fit, and he can run for days without tiring.  His physical strength is obvious thanks to his well-sculpted muscles.  Despite his size he is far from clumsy and extremely quick with his movements.

Unlike the other Air Nomad Masters, Tulkas is not bald, nor does he have tattoos.  This is due to the fact that he was raised outside of the temples.  He has long blonde hair and a beard of the same color.  His face is friendly and warm, with creases besides his eyes and mouth from years of smiling and laughing.  His eyes are inviting and trustworthy and almost shine out in bright shade of blue.  His smile can uplift the darkest soul and his gaze can easily comfort the distressed.

Tulkas wears no armour and wields no weapons.  He wears brown, loose-fitting and comfortable clothes most of the time, though he prefers to fight shirtless as he feels clothes restrict his movement.  His feet are adorned with a sturdy pair of leather boots and he wears a glove with open fingers on his left hand only.  He also has a tattoo of the symbol of the white lotus on the left side of his chest, besides that he has no scars or wounds whatsoever visible on his skin.

History: (745)
Airbenders were nearly an instinct race thanks to Firelord Ozai and his purge of them.  Luckily, about twenty years after the Hundred Year War, the Airbender population slowly began to rise again.  Against all odds, they were saved from total extinction, and they began returning to the Air Temples.   The Order of the White Lotus, also known as the White Lotus (an ancient and formerly secret society that transcends the boundaries of the four nations) wanted to have airbenders in their ranks for when the time came to train the next Avatar.  The air nomads however, needed every airbender they could spare to rebuild their culture.  For this reason, they refused to give any airbenders to the White Lotus.  The White Lotus were persistent though and eventually, the Air Nomads gave in.  They decided to grant the Order of the White Lotus their request and gave them one child, to train and do with what they saw fit.  This child’s name was Tulkas.

The White Lotus wasted no time on Tulkas.  To them he wasn’t a child, he was a tool.  They trained him day in and day out, and although they did not treated him badly, he never felt very close to them.  None of the White Lotus members were airbenders, but the Order had countless scrolls and tomes on airbending that they kept safe from Firelord Ozai.  Most were ancient and Tulkas had to immerse himself into books and memorize them all.  It was there that he learned things that no other airbender knew, after all the library of the White Lotus was very secret indeed.  Tulkas was a bright boy and a fast learner.  This as well as the fact that he studied and trained for roughly ten hours per day meant he advanced very quickly in skill and power.  The White Lotus were very pleased with his progress, and elevated him in rank and status quickly.  However that just made his training more difficult.

Tulkas’ childhood wasn’t easy, but he always had a joke on hand and was never down.  He had a very optimistic outlook on life which helped him get through the long days.  Despite the exhaustive training, Tulkas always looked forward to sparring practice.  It was the highlight of his day and he perfected the art of fighting hand to hand against some of the best and brightest of the order.  By the time he was a teenager, he was already able to defeat his Masters in unarmed combat.

By the time Tulkas was around twenty, he had been chosen as the “Pillar of Air,” a young master tasked with training the next avatar.  It was a great honor.  Tulkas now met with the other young Pillars of the order:  Tarek the Pillar of Fire, Meili the Pillar of Earth and Zurok the Pillar of Water.  Their positions were of course, a closely guarded secret.  It was after all, a very secretive Order.  Tulkas quickly became good friends with the three other pillars and quickly became the life of group.  Pranks and jokes were commonplace when he was around they had many adventures together.

When it was revealed that Zurok’s own daughter was the Avatar, the group of four became even closer as they all but raised Zulera, teaching her all she needed to know.  They became a weird family of sorts.  Tulkas’ lessons with the young Avatar often involved going out to do something fun.  What Tulkas called fun however, was often called dangerous and reckless by others.  He took a very relaxed form of teaching, and never had formal lessons with Zulera, basically they just got into mischief together.  Zulera learned very quickly though despite this.  

After Zulera’s training was complete, Tulkas disappeared for a while.  No one knew where he went to or what he was doing during this time, and for now at least, it remains a mystery.  He had his quirks, and sometimes would leave for days on end, but this time…it was years.  He returned only after the Dark Avatar arose, and the Xuri emerged to threaten the four nations, much to relief of his friends, for he was sorely needed.  When asked about the years he went missing, he would simply laugh and give ridiculous explanations as to what he was up to.  He found it very funny to mess with his friends heads.

Now Tulkas returns to his people, ready to lead the Air Nomads into the dark times ahead…

Character Box:


It's me Tarek!  And yes, this character is inspired by the Valar Tulkas.  It was Zul's idea for me to make an Air Nomad Leader, and it was a brilliant idea as usual. Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Tulkas   Tulkas EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 1:01 pm

and as always, my ideas are good ones. Wink
anyhoo, I love it, surprise surprised. APPROVED!

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