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 Future of Promise

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Character Box:


Beer and ale and weird types of wine spilled onto the floor as people from Sabastions crew drank from oversized mugs, some with a girl in heir lap. They were all cheering and laughing and telling age old jokes and stories. Sabastion sat in his own chair, surrounded by his First Mate and other closer friends that were part of his crew. He drank as well, but not to the same extent as everyone else. Everyone was happy after their last attack on a merchant ship. They thought it was going to be just a small pay off, but the ship had just gotten done selling all of it's wares, and was loaded with money. So, Sabastion and his men kindly took the heavy stuff off of their decks and got out of their bloodied hair.

Quickly and quietly, a man in a simple robe came over to him, and took a seat. it was one of Sabastions informants. They usually brought him news of things happening in the world or if the local police were on their way. All sorts of good information, if you ask him. And he just gave the most useful piece of information since the War of Tipped Scales. This had to be thought over...


Two days later, on their boat they spied from ontop of a small mountain on a remote island. What they were looking at was... incredible. Whaletail Island, and it was crawling with Water Tribe troops. This was bad, and it was good. Depending on who you were. It was definitely good for him.

Crawling down the mountain, he joined his crew back on the boat. "So, we have a certain opportunity on our hands." He began. "Nelekar's troops have colonized Whaletail Island and several, several others around here. Now you know what that means. It means lots of supplies coming in for them, and a lot of cash for us. Now it means even more than that. These Islands are part of Air Nomad territory. This, is an act of war, and obviously Tulkas hasn't found out about it, or it would be destroyed. But he will. And when he does, he'll take them back. And that will bring war. And we all know how much we profited from the last war that happened, right?" The crew shouted in triumph. "Nelekar is busy talking to World leaders, far away from here. So let's go make us some money men. Starting, with the whale in the room." Cheers were made from the crewmen so loud, they were heard as distant noises from the Island.

To the soldiers, it sounded like Battle Cries.

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Future of Promise
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