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Full Name: Nelekar
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Element: Water
Birthplace: Southern Water Tribe
Position: Chieftain / Admiral
Training: Waterbending (Master), Scimitar / Club (Master), Hand-To-Hand (Master), Healing (Expert)

Personality: (314)
Nelekar has, for most of his life, had a brash attitude towards everybody he meets. He is stern and rough, with a short temper that causes him to snap at his subordinates as well as his equals. Whilst he was in the army, he was regularly referred to as a model soldier – he rose quickly through the ranks due to his respect for the military code, although he was promoted also because of his physical and mental talents.

The Admiral is fierce when roused, and will not hesitate to use force to further his own goals, as well as the goals of his military organisation. Despite being raised from an extremely military perspective, he has a good view on what life is like for those outside of the armed forces. As such, he always acts with respect and honour around everybody, not only those of the military. But even with his respect for others, he will do anything to place himself in a better position or to help out those he deems allies.

He is stubborn when set on a goal, and has been known to brush others out of his path when something is within his sights. He cares little for his own life or well-being, and is fearless in the face of death. If strategy determined it, he would carry out a suicide mission if it meant an overall success for his team; his sacrifice would not be one of selflessness however, but rather a drive for success.

Nelekar is extremely strategically minded due to his military background and training, and was a key factor in his quick promotion. He is extremely charismatic, able to invigorate an entire squadron of warriors or a whole fleet of ships. He has been known to be able to convince several aggressive factions to come to peace, a technique that he used regularly during war times.

Abilities: (307)
Waterbending: Ever since he was a young boy, Nelekar has been Waterbending. He began training with a master at the South Pole at the age of seven, and maintained his Waterbending standard at a high level through his life. After reaching sixteen and joining the army, his level remained fairly consistent, although he managed to attain his Mastery during his military career. He can manipulate large bodies of water at will and can swiftly change the element between states, from gas to water to ice and vice-versa. He can swap and change between techniques during combat, and continuously adapt to his enemies movements and attacks.

Weapons: Upon his entrance into the military, Nelekar began learning the ways of Water Tribe weaponry. His natural strength worked well for him in this department, and he quickly mastered using the scimitar/club in battle. He can use it to direct his bending as well as to deflect and block projectiles with his fast reflexes. In a one-on-one battle, he bested all of the members of his own battalion, and was matched with very few in other battalions. He owns his own weapon which he carved himself once he had finished in military training, and keeps it well prepared at all times.

Hand-to-Hand: Nelekar also used his physical hand-to-hand combat abilities while in the military, and also mastered this style of fighting. He engaged in several martial arts, as well as wrestling, and sparred at least once a day whilst captaining upon his own vessel.

Captaincy: As an Admiral of the Water Tribe Fleet, Nelekar has an excellent grasp on how to run a ship as well as a crew. He understands how to make basic repairs of a Water Tribe ship, including repairing sails, masts and the hull. He also has experience as a standard sailor from before he gained promotion.

Nelekar Water_Tribe___not_by_rufftoon
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 100Kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Slightly tanned

Nelekar is advanced in age, but still maintains well-muscled and fairly athletic. His face bears many frown and stress lines from his years of service, but a lot of them are covered by the sideburns on his face. His hair is held up in a ponytail on his head, also known as a warrior’s wolf tail. It is accompanied by a pair of long sideburns as well as a longer potion of hair on the back of his head, all of which are braided at the ends. All of the hair on his head is a dark brown colour, which appears to be a deep black when wet.

His clothing, whilst on land, is heavy but suitable for the intense cold of the South Pole. It is coloured blue as is the norm in the Tribes, and made of a thick white fur. He wears lined fur gloves and boots which work to insulate his extremities and keep him warm. He also wears a necklace made up of three fur tails held together with a medallion with the symbol of the Water Tribes on it.

Whilst on a ship, he wears a much lighter ensemble, consisting of a thin tunic as well as a pair of leather boots. He keeps his gloves with him in case of cold weather, but doesn’t wear them in case they get wet, which would simply make his hands colder.

While relaxing, Nelekar literally lets his hair down – he releases the ponytail and braids and allows his hair to fall around his shoulders in a comfortable manner.


Weaponry & Other Gear: (Omit this field if no such items)

Club / Scimitar
Materials: Metal with leather-wrapped handle.
Description: A metal weapon with one sharpened side to be used as a scimitar, wish a thick metal ball on the other side to be used as a blunt weapon.

History: (767)
Nelekar was born in the Southern Water Tribe to parents who both nurtured and cared for him. His Father was in the military, while his Mother was a healer. They taught him together and both raised him, and when he was of age he followed in the footsteps of his Father and joined the military. Whilst he was still young, he began training with the local master to further his waterbending talents. He advanced quickly and moved onto more advanced techniques before he started to train with his mother in the art of healing. His progress with healing was slower than with his waterbending, but he kept at it for several years. He never quite reached the levels of the master healers of the tribe, but was still advanced enough to be considered an expert in the field.

Once he turned sixteen, he moved away and joined the military. He initially served under his Father upon his ship, but was quickly scouted by the Commodore of his father’s battle group. He served on the Commodore’s ship for several years, rising through the ranks until he became Captain of his own ship at age twenty one. He quickly showed his virtues and worth and within a few years he himself rose to the rank of Commodore. It was when Nelekar took this position that his Father left the military due to his age, and moved back home to the Southern Water Tribe. The newly promoted Commodore took regular trips home to see his parents, but his trips grew less frequent as he realised that the current Admiral was paying more attention to his actions as the commander of a battle group.

He was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral after completing a risky and heroic skirmish in which he managed to fight off a large group of raiders with minimal casualties. As a Rear Admiral, he supervised several battle groups at once and co-ordinated battles from afar. During this time he had more time in which to practise other areas, including his Waterbending. It was during this time that he completed his Mastery over the element.

The Rear Admiral’s stint was not an easy one – his term was long and difficult, being crossed with lots of difficulties and hardships. After only one year of obtaining the rank, a lowly Captain challenged his right to rule. The Captain challenged Nelekar to a duel, and the Rear Admiral couldn’t back down. They engaged in battle upon the deck of the ship, but the twenty-nine year old Nelekar was cocky in front of the younger Captain. They fought with a combination of spears and Waterbending, and for quite a while it seemed that Nelekar was on top. But then, the Captain delivered a thrust towards the Rear Admiral’s stomach and it sliced through his side, causing him to drop to one knee in front of the Captain.

When the Captain went to finish the Rear Admiral, Nelekar let out a huge yell. The water around the ship pulled towards them with an intense strength, causing the hull to crack and shatter. The Captain lost his footing and Nelekar rose quickly before thrusting his spear through his opponent’s throat, killing him instantly. The ship sunk around them, but the remaining crew survived. Under threat of violence and death, the rest of the crew backed Nelekar up when he told the Admiral that they had been attacked and raided by pirates, with Nelekar managing to save the rest of the crew’s life. Due to this lie, he was promoted to Vice Admiral, serving directly underneath the Admiral.

Nelekar was given command over Main Fleet South, a fleet containing about 40% of the entire Water Tribe navy. He supervised it from afar, often from aboard the battleship Brinea, A North-class heavy warship.

He was promoted when he turned 34 after the death of the current Admiral, placing him in control of the entire Fleet of the Water Tribe. He maintained the position for several years, keeping control over all of those lower him, and gaining respect more through fear than kindness.

After a few years, Nelekar became more involved with Southern Water Tribe politics. He influenced several major politicians and leaders, mostly through forceful coercion. With the help of his new found allies and the army at his back, he pressured the Government and became Chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe.

He currently rules with an iron fist, causing many of the civilians to dislike him. There have been no uprisings or rebellions however, due to the increased military presence in the Tribe.

Reasons Why You Believe You Deserve a Master-Tier Character/Position:
(60 minimum words, not required if already approved with a Master-Tier Character)

**Required of ALL Master Tier Characters**

Character Box: With Sample RP within (500 words minimum, must be from applied character's point of view)


”Close up around the flagship. Bring in the spears from the East and the Water Warriors from the West. Close them all in.”

A broad-shouldered man stood at a table with two men either side of him. He was moving small ice figurines around the table using his bending, the table representing the small piece of ocean that they were battling on. The four other men saluted before turning and leaving the table, walking down from the raised platform where their leader stood. It was upon the stern of a huge wooden warship that rested a few miles south of the attack position.

The battle was, fortunately for their opponents, a training exercise – the much larger and better trained Water Tribe Fleet was organising a practice ambush on the Earth Kingdom Navy. Fortunately for the Earth Kingdom, the Admiral had only deployed one of the four Main Fleets; the largest one, the South Fleet. They were approaching now, but the Admiral wasn’t worried.

He turned away from the table himself and began to walk down the steps onto the main deck of his warship. One of the passing sailors stopped and saluted, standing to attention straight away.

“Lord of the Fleet on Deck!”

The man grinned. Although the rank Lord of the Fleet was only given by the Alliance Council during battles, the Admiral had been received a faux-promotion in honour of the exercise. He nodded to the sailor, his face remaining stoic.

”At ease,” the new Lord of the Fleet said, and the sailor hurried off to continue his tasks. The Admiral moved over to the railing on the side of the ship where he looked over towards the Earth Kingdom ships in the distance. ”Full speed…” the man muttered to himself, watching the ships closing in ahead of him, full aware that they would be speeding up to maximum as he watched.

“Admiral? Admiral Nelekar?”

The Admiral turned around just as a man rushed over to him. He was sweating a lot, and the Admiral, known as Nelekar, could tell that he was an oarsman.

“There are extra Earth Kingdom ships moving in from the North – more than we expected! The rowers can’t make us move fast enough, sir – we’ll never make it over there!”

Nelekar shook his head and pushed past the oarsman. ”Back to your station. Don’t give me excuses again!” He kept moving, walking up the steps onto the prow of the ship. He pulled his long sleeves back up to his elbows and breathed out deeply.

He had a good vision from here – he could see the two portions of his own fleet closing in on the Earth Kingdom fleet in the centre, as well as the second fleet moving in from the north. He breathed in slowly, taking a complete breath.

He raised both of his arms in the air and concentrated. He reached deep within and gripped the considerable amount of chi energy within him. He brought his arms down quickly, and the ship lurched forwards as the water in front of them split and broke to each side. He repeated the motion several times and he felt their speed increasing rapidly. Before long, they would reach the fleet – and they would claim victory.

Mood: Ready
Condition: Perfect
Link: [url=Character Sheet]Character Sheet[/url]

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welp, there go my panties.

an excellent character. he should RP with Zurok to "discuss" his rise to power.

Nelekar Soa

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Well done, a great profile. I'm glad we have a Patriarch of the Water Tribes again. I APPROVE

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