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 Maisha Mwuguzi [WIP]

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PostSubject: Maisha Mwuguzi [WIP]   Maisha Mwuguzi [WIP] EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 4:15 pm

Full Name: Maisha Mwuguzi
Gender: Female
Age: 37 Years
Element: Water
Birthplace: Northern Water Tribe
Position: Doctor
Training: Doctor [Master]
Waterbender [Master]


This woman, even on her best day, is a very condescending individual. She comes off as rude and abrasive, and she knows it, but doesn't care enough to change her attitude. As far as she is concerned, anyone who has the sense to respect her deserves only her tolerance in return, and anyone foolish enough to annoy her deserves the wrath that will surely befall them if they don’t run away quickly enough. They’re never quick enough.

The woman has seen too much real pain to be fooled by liars. She is easily annoyed and quick to call people out on their bullsh*t. She is most bothered by arrogance and ignorance, abhors bullies and thieves, and would kill leaders who abuse their power if it wasn’t so illegal. Then again, in her profession, accidents do happen. And have happened before. And might happen again to anyone who isn’t a little more careful about what they say around the person whom they pay to cut them open.

Of course, Maisha isn't a total b*tch all of the time. She doesn’t have nearly enough energy for that anymore. Being a doctor is an around the clock job in the busy slums of Ba Sing Se. People come to her for aid at ungodly hours of the morning and every single other time besides. Nothing is sacred when people are bleeding from holes in their bodies or leaking puss from unmentionable orifices. Maisha doesn't have a lot of time for sleep, so she's forced to take naps whenever there's a lull in injury and disease. God, she misses sleep. She can't even remember the last time she got even six measly hours in a row.

Deep down - very, very, deep down - Maisha really does care about people. Sure, she joined the medical field simply because she and all of the other waterbending girls were expected to do so, but after dealing in a profession that puts her in such intimate proximity to people in their most vulnerable state, she has been able to come to an understanding with them. She knows that many people are *ssholes at heart, but that doesn't mean that they aren't worth anything at all. In fact, some of them make very nice organ donors.


Maisha has spent most of her life pursuing the study of medicine. She started school at eight years old and learned the basics of both bending and healing in her ten years of early education. That set a solid foundation for her education, but was not nearly as in-depth as Maisha would have liked. The healing women were more focused on the spiritual side of their practice than the biological side and had no inclination to veer from their traditional path. Maisha, although not the best in her class, became quite adept at healing using her waterbending, but was not satisfied with the limited aspects of what she was taught.

At eighteen years old Maisha traveled to Ba Sing Se in order to further her education. Firstly, she enrolled at the best medical university that would accept her. There, she was taught more about biology and anatomy than she had previously been able to learn. After four years she graduated from the university near the top of her class and began an apprenticeship under the tutelage of the middle-aged Dr. Keiler, whom was able to refine her knowledge and teach her more about the more difficult to understand properties of medicine. The apprenticeship lasted for another four years, after which Dr. Keiler was able to retire, having passed on most of his tricks and tips to Maisha.

Maisha's early education at the Northern Water tribe covered enough waterbending curriculum that she was an expert by the time she graduated. Her bending mastery, however, was mostly self-taught, as she was not able to afford bending lessons as well as medical school. A few years after Maisha became a certified doctor and had already been treating patients in Ba Sing Se for a while, Maisha took leave from the gargantuan city to return to the Northern Water Tribe for a while to visit her family. A master waterbender named Hullak helped Maisha perfect her waterbending over the course of a year there, and then asked for Maisha's hand in marriage. Maisha turned him down and immediately returned to Ba Sing Se.


Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 162 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: Dark Brown


Weaponry & Other Gear:

Barrel Belt
Materials: Leather, Wood, Steel, Cork
Description: It's a strong leather belt that straps around her waist and has suspender-like straps that go over both of Maisha's shoulders so that the small wooden barrel of water that rests at the small of Maisha's back can be supported. A simple pulley system that leads from the cork to the front of the belt is used to pull the cork from the barrel so that the gallon or so of water inside can be accessed quickly and easily.



Reasons Why You Believe You Deserve a Master-Tier Character/Position:

Let's see here... Well, first of all I've been here for over a year now and I have yet to make any sort of remotely powerful character. Doctors may not be powerful the way leaders are, but they do have the knowledge and skills needed to both heal and destroy. Which is pretty bad*ss. Being quite the bad*ss myself, I feel like I could pull this off.

Character Box & Sample RP:

Maisha Mwuguzi


Mood: MOOD
Condition: CONDITION

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PostSubject: Re: Maisha Mwuguzi [WIP]   Maisha Mwuguzi [WIP] EmptySat Sep 21, 2013 9:58 pm

Sadly, it has been a month, which means that I have to REJECT this character.
Drop me a line (for best resulst, use Zulera or Varsha) when or if you get the time to fix it up or finish it though. About 90% of these threads are only moved here because of inactivity.

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Maisha Mwuguzi [WIP]
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