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 Wrath of the Ancients [Open]

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Wrath of the Ancients [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Wrath of the Ancients [Open]   Wrath of the Ancients [Open] EmptyMon May 26, 2014 7:37 pm

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Countless hordes of dark spirits flowed into Ba Sing Se like a plague upon humanity. A breach had been created, thanks to the power of The Shade and hundreds of other spirits, while the smaller ones poured through the gaps in the outer walls, killing any of the nearby civilians or warriors alike. They hadn't foreseen this. The avatar was failing to keep balance, and the results would cost the world dearly. Any and all resistance to the spirits was futile, as The Shades army poured into Ba Sing Se through the breach.

None? Would no one powerful enough seek out The Shade where he stood? He stood, a ways off, watching his armies lay siege to Ba Sing Se, as the great capital of the earth kingdom fell before his quenched bloodthirsty nature. This city would become the home for the dark spirits of the world, and they would take it by storm. Thousands were dying, would someone come and battle him?

The Shade

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Wrath of the Ancients [Open]
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